In His Praise — January 14, 2024

“I lift up my eyes to the hills—- where does my help come from?

My help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth.”

Psalm 121:1-2

“A little help here” is a phrase we might use when we get in a tight like trying to carry a heavy piece of furniture. Hopefully there will be someone close by that will lend a hand. Sometimes my granddaughter will call for help while playing a game or putting a puzzle together.  We find help on the internet when we are researching a particular topic. When we are sick , we look to doctors for help and we expect teachers to help our children learn. Our lives are filled with times for which we need help for one reason or another.

The writer of Psalm 121 says that he looks up (to the hills) and knows that help comes from the Lord who created everything. What a statement this is! The One that spoke the world into existence listens when we call on Him; and is always ready to help us. 

The Bible tells of many that God helped. Genesis 4:1 records that God helped Eve when she gave birth for the first time. God helped Moses’ sister Miriam have courage when, even though a child,  was tasked with the responsibility of the protecting her baby brother. (Exodus 2) After Moses became a man, God helped him become the leader of the Israelites even when his confidence failed him.

God surely helped Mary and Joseph navigate life after having their world turned upside down with angelic announcements and happenings that they could not fully comprehend. Later,  Jesus promised the Holy Spirit would come to the disciples to help them after His death.

 Today we continue to have that same assurance of help. The Holy Spirit abides in our hearts to guide us, direct us and protect us.  When we cry out to the Lord for “a little help here”, we can be sure that He hears us; and the same “Maker of heaven and earth” from long ago, still stands ready to move on our behalf.

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