In His Praise — June 30, 2024

“And who knows but that you have come to royal position for such a time as this?”

Esther 4:14

The Biblical story of Esther is fascinating! In a nutshell, it tells how a young Jewish girl found herself in the court of King Xerxes and how his favor with her was used to protect the Jewish nation from being destroyed. Esther was faced with the decision to either speak up about an evil plot and risk being killed herself or stay quiet and see her family and friends destroyed. Her uncle spoke words of encouragement to her by reminding her that she may have been placed by God in this position just for the purpose of saving her people. Esther’s bravery, loyalty to her people and trust in God can be an inspiration to us all.  She saw evil at work and choose to speak up and was protected and rewarded for it.

 We too have been placed by God in this particular time in history to live, we are placed in particular families and may be faced with unique situations that can threaten us and our loved ones. Life can be difficult and scary, but with God’s help we too can be like Esther. We can be strong in our faith, bold in our witness, and ready and willing when we are called upon to serve Him.

We may not have a royal position like Esther, but God in His infinite wisdom, has placed each of us right where we need to be to best serve Him. Trust Him for guidance, rely on Him for strength and stay faithful to the tasks He gives us “for such a time as this”.

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