In His Praise — December 3, 2023

“Come and see what God has done, how awesome his works in man’s behalf.” 

Psalm 66:5

Psalm 66:5  should be the message of every Christian! Believed to be written after a military victory, Psalm 66 reiterates the many miracles that God had poured out upon His people. In verse 5, the writer calls for all to “come and see what God has done”. 

“Come and see” was echoed hundreds of years later when Jesus invited two of John’s disciples to follow Him; and again when Philip shared with his brother Nathanael that he had met the long awaited Messiah. (John 1:35-46)

We too should be inviting others to come and see the mighty works of our God. We can do this by sharing the peace, joy and contentment that God has given us. We can witness about His daily outpouring of love upon our lives and tell how He will give hope to the broken, heal the sick and restore lives. Most of all, we can share that Jesus came to give us forgiveness of sins, salvation and a hope for the future.

When we share the awesome works that God has done in our lives, we are inviting others to come and see for themselves and meet this great and wonderful God that we serve. “Come and see’, three simple words, but what a difference they can make when we speak them in the name of Jesus and invite others to let Him into their hearts.

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