In His Praise — August 28, 2022

My command is this: “Love each other as I have loved you.”

John 15:12

Jesus’ words recorded in the book of John sound simple to follow. But what is this love that Jesus spoke about? He said to love as He has loved us. How does Jesus love us?

First of all, Jesus’ love is greater than anything we can ever imagine. He heals the sick, shows compassion to those in need, and is kind and loving. He is our rock and our salvation and He will never leave us. Jesus is our help in times of trouble, our guide, our hope and most of all our salvation. Jesus’ love is never ending and is the same for everyone. We can never completely understand this great, deep love, yet, He commands us to love as He did.

So how are we to love others? We can not heal diseases, but we can be caring and thoughtful of those that are sick. As we lift up their needs in prayer we can share with them how much the Great Physician loves them and wants to help them. We also can show Jesus’ love to others in our actions. We can be respectful, compassionate and kind to all people, we can be ready to help anyone in true need. We can set a faithful example to others in times of trouble by looking to God for strength and direction and most of all by sharing His plan of salvation.

Jesus commands us to love others as He did. Only when we first let His love fill us, can we do this. Just as Jesus reflected the Father’s love, our love for others should be a reflection of Jesus’ love for us.

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