In His Praise — July 24, 2022

“In everything set them an example by doing what is good.”

Titus 2:7a

Have you ever watched the ripples that a stone makes when tossed into the water? They start where the stone lands and then travel out. A larger stone may make larger ripples, but it doesn’t matter if the stone is large or small, there will still be ripples. The same is true of waves made by passing boats on a lake. It doesn’t matter what size the boat is, its  movement creates waves that will travel across the lake. Again, a large boat may cause big wave, while a small boat will create only a small wave. Both the stone and the boat have an effect on the water. The stone, the boat nor the water think about what is happening, it is just a natural reaction.

Let’s imagine that we as Christians are the stone or the boat and the world is the water. What kind of ripples and waves are you making? Our actions do make a difference! Of course all of us want to make big ripples and reach a lot of people.  But the reality is that sometimes our waves are small and don’t travel very far. The point is that our actions  cause a reaction in others no matter how big or small. The way we live (our example) influences others whether we realize it or not. 

Unlike the stone, the boat and the water, we do have control over our actions. With God’s help we should strive at all times to set an example of good.

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