In His Praise — November 14, 2021

“Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name…” Matthew 6:9b

These are the words Jesus used to begin His prayer to Father God. Many of us know this prayer (the Lord’s Prayer) by heart and have repeated it numerous times. It is very familiar to Christians. 

 Let’s look at what this first sentence really means though. As we address God and approach His throne, it should be with the utmost respect, reverence and humility. This simple verse does that very thing. The word “hallowed” means to be made holy or consecrated, another description says to be greatly revered or honored. 

Jesus was giving praise, honor and reverence to God. That is the example we should follow whenever we speak these words. Our hearts and minds should be filled with praise and worship for our awesome God and we should desire to bring Him the glory that He alone deserves.

We should never become complacent about their meaning or just repeat them out habit or custom. As we pray and communicate with God, let us always lift Him up and praise His greatness. 

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