In His Praise — June 21, 2020

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Today we celebrate fathers. There are all kinds of dads. Many are biological dads, some may be adopted or stepdads. Still others could be a friend or relative that is a role model or surrogate dad. Whatever kind of dad you are, we say Happy Father’s Day to you and thank you for all you do. May you know the Lord and feel His guidance as you love and nurture your children.

This is our prayer for you: 

Lord, thank you for fathers and their special place in the life of the family.

Grant that the fathers of our church and nation learn and accept the unique role you have given them.

Give them the spiritual discernment to lead their children to know God as Father through faith in Thee. 

We pray that fathers will have the wisdom to express your truth in such a way that their home will be a heaven on earth because you are in it.

Through Jesus Christ, our Lord,


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