In His Praise – February 25, 2018

Do the things of this world bring you down? The daily news can be very depressing and down right scary sometimes. Shootings, debates about gun control, political conflicts, suicides, homocides, abuse of all kinds, …these are just a few of the things we deal with on a daily basis. Satan is alive and well on this earth.

But God has given us hope! Jesus said in John 16:33b, “In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” Through faith in Jesus we can overcome all the trials of this life. Through the power of Jesus name we can rebuke evil and cause Satan to flee! Through trust in Jesus we can be strengthened to deal with the trials that come our way and through belief in Jesus salvation can be ours. He gives us hope of a future full of joy and peace and through prayer He gives us an avenue to bring our burdens and requests before the Father who listens and acts in love toward us.

Yes, Jesus has overcome this world and He will help us be overcomers too! Now that is great news!

In His Praise — February 18, 2018

2.Survey of needs
3.Have a vision
4.Go to work

These are the 4 steps we can learn from the story of Nehemiah as he lead the people in rebuilding the wall of Jerusalem. This was a daunting task but Nehemiah was faithful to God and determined to see this wall rebuilt. You can read Nehemiah’s story in the book named for him in the Old Testament.

It sounds simple, but with this guideline Nehemiah and his workers accomplished rebuilding the wall around the city of Jerusalem. It was hard work, there were few workers, and there was opposition; but they didn’t give up. Staying faithful and focused they got the job done.

We as modern-day Christians have work to accomplish too. We, like Nehemiah, should always pray first for God’s guidance and help and be faithful to the task that He has given us. We should consider all the needs that should be met. This will give us a vision for the work to be done. Then we should get to work doing what God has lead us to do. With faith and determination we too can accomplish great tasks for God.

In His Praise — February 11, 2018

Have you ever thought about the power words? Words can built up or words can tear down. Words can help or hinder and words can heal or hurt. The power of the spoken word is mighty and lasting. We as human beings have quite a responsibility in the way we use our words.

In the New Testament, James 3 talks about “taming the tongue” and discusses the difficulty in doing so. Most people would probably agree that saying the right thing all the time is just about impossible. But with the Lord’s help we can improve our efforts to use our words to build up, to help and to heal those that have been hurt.

It is encouraging to know that God can use our words to help others.

Rev. Nickles talked today about another kind of word — the Bible, God’s Holy Word. God’s Word is mighty and powerful! At the mention of Jesus name, Satan flees. God’s Word can bring peace where there has been conflict, hope where there has been disappointment, joy where there has been sadness and courage where there has been fear. God’s Word is the strongest weapon that Christians have to stand against evil. It gives us authority and power over the devil. Ephesians 6:10-20 tells us to put on the whole armor of God. This includes being grounded in His Word.

It is not only encouraging to know God’s word, but it is the best news to know that we can boldly proclaim it in the name of Jesus!

In His Praise – February 4, 2018

Today was Denomination Day in the Cumberland Presbyterian Church. This is a day set aside to celebrate and to remember the beginnings of our denomination.

Born out of the great revival of the 1800’s, Cumberland Presbyterians have a very sound foundational doctrine. It speaks of God’s love for mankind and offers hope for all. In a “nutshell” Cumberland Presbyterians believe that Christ died for all people and we practice something called a “whosoever will” doctrine. That means that anybody may receive the salvation of Christ by only believing, repenting of their sins, and accepting Him into their heart.

To me and many other Cumberland Presbyterians this is very good news for a lost world and we are happy to share it with others.

In His Praise — January 28, 2018

Today Rev. Nickles talked about the Apostle Paul and the work he accomplished for God. Here was a man, first called Saul, that was a real enemy of Jesus. Although he didn’t realize he was doing anything wrong, Saul was fervently going about arresting and punishing people claiming to be Christians. He was well known and had a reputation for
“breathing out murderous threats against the Lord’s disciples” (Acts 9:1) In Saul’s mind he was ridding the world of trouble makers.

But one day Saul had a personal encounter with Christ and that changed everything. As He was traveling along the road to Damascus to make more arrests, a bright light shone down on him and a voice spoke and asked why he was persecuting him. Saul recognized and acknowledged that this was the voice of Jesus speaking to him. When Saul opened his eyes he realized he was blind and remained blind for a few days.

As Saul recuperated from this encounter he prayed and God brought into his life Christians that helped him. Saul had renewed sight, a change of heart, a change of name to Paul, and a change of mission. In spite of his past, Paul became one of the greatest missionaries for Christ we have ever known.

So what does this story have to do with us and what is the good news in all of this? Well, we all have a past too. Maybe not as notorious as Saul, but maybe it is, but the point is that we have all done wrong, but a personal encounter with Christ can change everything.

Christ can still change hearts and minds and give new direction for lives. He can change all the past and help anyone have a great future with Him and that is good news!

In His Praise — January 21, 2018

The good news today is very simple, yet very encouraging! It is that as Christians we are linked to Christ! That is to say that Christ is working in us to bring about the things that are God’s will (Phillipians 2:13).

So what does this mean for Christians? It should encourage us to draw closer to God, let the Holy Spirit work more in our lives and let Jesus be in control of our actions. Not only should others see Christ in us, we should see Christ in ourselves.

As Rev. Nickles explained today we should “walk, talk and act God-minded”. He reminded us not to speak with doubt and fear because that can prohibit God from working in our lives. Instead we need to be “linked up” with Christ! As the old saying goes, “let go and let God”. Let God control your walk, trust Him fully for guidance and let the Holy Spirit work in ways we have never imagined.

In His Praise — January 14, 2018

The lesson today in the Keystone Sunday School Class was from chapter 3 of the book of Daniel and was about Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego being thrown into the fiery furnace. These three Hebrews had faith that their God would be with them and deliver them from this fate; and HE DID! They put their trust in God and believed He would not let them down. When King Nebuchadnezzar’s fury burned against them, they stood firm on their faith in the one true God.

Later during the worship service, Rev. Phil Nickles shared Joshua 1:9 with the congregation. In this verse God tells us to be “strong and courageous” and not to be afraid or discouraged. Why? Because He is with us wherever we go!

When our faith is put to the test and we face our fiery furnace, we too can stand firm on our faith in God. He will be with us and He will deliver us!

Now that is great news!

In His Praise – January 7, 2018

The good news today is the encouraging words found in Isaiah 40:29 – 31. This scripture reminds us that God gives strength to the weary, power to the weak and renewed strength for those that hope in the Lord.

So when you feel that you can’t go on, when you feel discouraged or when you feel that everything is against you — know that God has not left you. He will renew you and give you new strength to carry on. He will cause you to “soar on wings like eagles”, He will cause you “to run and not get tired”, and “walk and not faint”. (Isaiah 40:31)

These are exciting promises from God that will refresh and renew our spirits. Let’s share this good news and encourage others so they too can feel God’s refreshing love flowing in their lives!

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You are loved and are important to the East Point C.P. Church family.

Praise be to His glorious name forever. Psalm 72:19

In His Praise — December 31, 2017

As we get ready to begin a new year, let us remember that God is still with us. All the promises in His word are still there ready to be claimed in Jesus name. All the prayers that have been prayed have been heard and are still being answered by our Lord. All the love and forgiveness that Jesus has for us is still there waiting for us to accept it.

Sometimes the devil whispers to us and reminds us of past failures or mistakes. But don’t let him have control over you. Isaiah 43:18 tells us to forget the former things and not dwell on the past. So let go of those bad memories! Look to the future and know that God has great plans for you. (Jeremiah 29:11)

Let 2018 be the year you grow closer to the Lord. If you do not know Jesus as your Lord and Savior, accept His salvation. If you have drifted away, return to the Lord and strive to walk closer with Him.

Don’t let the past hold you back any longer, decide today to follow Jesus! He loves you more than you know!

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You are loved and are important to the East Point C.P. Church family.

Praise be to His glorious name forever. Psalm 72:19

In His Praise — December 24, 2017

Merry Christmas!! That’s the good news for today! Christmas is the day we celebrate Jesus’ birth, and what joy that should and can bring to all mankind. Jesus came into this world to seek those that were lost, sick and hurting and to give hope and healing. Today he does that same thing. God loved the world so much that He sent His precious Son into the world to save it. When Jesus came, love as the world had never seen or known came down from heaven. That same love exist today!

If you are lost and hurting, in need of something more in your life, then Jesus is your answer. He can calm the storms of life, give hope and peace, and change situations that seem impossible.

So this Christmas ask Christ into your heart. Confess your sins and let Him create in you a new person that has joy, peace and contentment, not just at Christmas, but everyday all year long!

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You are loved and are important to the East Point C.P. Church family.

Praise be to His glorious name forever. Psalm 72:19