In His Praise — June 9, 2019

“You, dear children, are from God and have overcome them, because the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world” 1 John 4:4. This verse is the good news from East Point today. 

Even children of God suffer in this world. We have troubles and difficulties, but scripture assures us that through Jesus Christ we are over comers (John 16:33). We may fall down at times, but we will never be defeated because the One that lives in us (the Holy Spirit) is greater than the one that attempts to rule the world (satan). God’s Holy Spirit encourages us, strengthens us, guides us, protects us  and fills our hearts with zeal and courage to witness for our Lord.

Thanks be to God for not leaving us alone, and, for sending His very own Spirit to walk along side us day by day.

Read more about the Holy Spirit in John 14:15-31.

In His Praise — June 2, 2019

GOOD NEWS, YOU ARE A V.I.P!  Maybe you don’t think you are anybody important.  You may not be wealthy, you may not hold an important job, you may not socialize with the rich and famous. But none of that matters  to God, to Him you are a Very Important Person! 

Humankind is so important to God that He provided a plan of salvation. He loves each of His creations and desires to have a relationship with each one. How can you  know that this is true? The Bible says that even while we were still sinners that God sent Jesus to die for our us, Romans 5:8. Also in Jeremiah 29:11 we read that God has good plans for his  children, plans to prosper them and not to harm them. 

God loves you dearly. His love for you is everlasting and immeasurable. You cannot earn this love, it is a free gift from our Heavenly Father. You just need to confess your sins, accept His saving grace and then let your heart and life be transformed into something you never thought possible, all because you are so very important to God.

In His Praise — May 26, 2019

One of the things we do at East Point C.P. Church each Sunday is to have a time for prayer requests and praise reports. Sometimes the prayer requests are for specific needs and sometimes the need may be something too personal to discuss  and an unspoken prayer request is given. All requests are important and members continue to pray for each one during the following week. Praise reports are a form of prayer too as we praise and thank God for His intervention, blessings and answers to our prayers.

It is important to pray for each other. In Rev. Phil Nickles sermon today, he emphasized the importance of intercessory prayer. In James 5:16b we are told, “The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective.”  We may never know what the influence of our prays for others are. But, think about this— how many people have been saved as a result of one earnest prayer for them. How many have been healed, kept safe from harm, given direction, all because someone took the time to bring them before our Father.

What a great privilege we have to be able to lift up others to God! What a great God we have that is always listening and always caring!

In His Praise — May 19, 2019

A story was told about a tree that was cut down. All that was left was the stump. Some said that the tree’s life was over. Some said that it had served its usefulness and was no longer any good. But it wasn’t long before  the tree started to grow sprouts again. The tree was not dead, nor was it useless. God caused new life to come from it. Now once again the tree could grow tall and strong. Perhaps it would be something beautiful to look at or perhaps it would provide shade on a hot day. Whatever its purpose, God had restored it to continue to live and to serve Him.

Sometimes we’re like that tree. Sin cuts us down, Satan tries to kill us. But the good news is that God can and will revive us! God strengthens us, gives us new hope and new life. Like the tree, we too can grow once again. We too can become something wonderful for God. 

It is good to know that our loving Father doesn’t give up on us. He is always with us, always loves us,  and wants only the best for us.

In His Praise – May 12, 2019

Today we celebrated Mother’s Day at East Point CP Church probably much like other churches. Kind words were spoken about moms, songs were sung, and children handed out flowers. Mother’s were recognized for all they do and for how special they are to us. 

Mothers do a lot for their families and a godly mother is surely a gift from God that should be treasured.

But mothers have a great responsibility too. In Luke 12:48b we read, “… the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked.” Moms are entrusted with nurturing and caring for the next generation of life. What an awesome and sometimes overwhelming task! But what a blessing to know that God will guide, lead and strengthen along the way. 

Moms, God sees when you’re tired, weary and stressed out. Trust Him to give you renewed strength. God sees when you’re unsure about your parenting skills and He will give you guidance. God sees when your heart is broken for a wayward child and He hears your faithful prayer and He will answer in His time. 

God loves you and always will. So have a Happy Mother’s Day and thank God for the blessing of being a mother.

In His Praise – May 5, 2019

Want to know how to have a good day, everyday? It is simple — keep Jesus at the forefront of your life. Begin and end each day with Jesus in your heart and mind. As you go about your daily activities, fill the hours with thoughts, praise and prayers to Jesus. Study the Bible to be grounded in His word and always be prepared to witness for Him. 

When we put Jesus first in our life, He will fill us with so much joy and contentment that there will be no room for unhappiness, self-pity or worry. We will still encounter difficult situations, but with the joy of the Lord in our hearts, we won’t be overcome by troubles.

Praise the Lord! That is good news!

In His Praise — April 28, 2019

We are faced with choices everyday. Some are easy and routine like what we will eat or what we will wear. Others are more difficult such as who to marry or what job to accept. These and others are just examples of the kinds of choices most people will face in their everyday life. 

But there is one very important choice that every human being will make in their life time. That is whether to accept or reject Jesus Christ and His salvation from sin. Sadly many people go through life not giving this decision any thought whatsoever and by doing that they are rejecting Christ.

With Christ there is joy, peace of mind, hope and life eternal. Without Him there is none of these. Oh, a person may think they have everything they need, but in the end nothing on this earth can fill the emptiness in one’s heart or promise an eternal life of joy.

Deuteronomy 30:15 says it like this, “See, I set before you today life and prosperity, death and destruction.” Sounds like a simple choice doesn’t it? Nobody would want death and destruction. But by not making a choice, that is exactly what they are choosing. 

Choose Jesus and salvation and you will be eternally happy! It is the most important choice you will ever make!

In His Praise– April 21, 2019

He is risen!

He is risen indeed!

Such simple words, but oh the deep, deep message they carry. These words were spoken by some of the first Christians on the first Easter. Today churches and Christians still use these phrases to celebrate the good news of our resurrected Lord. These seven words sum up the joy and hope we have and the true reason we celebrate Easter.

Jesus Christ gave His own life in payment for the world’s sins (John 3:16). He died and was buried, but He did not stay dead. On the third day, God’s wonderful Son came back to life (John 20)  He arose! In so doing He conquered death and the grave. Those that  accept this free gift of salvation no longer have to fear death and the grave. We have hope of a future, an eternal life in heaven with our Lord. 

So let us truly celebrate Easter because He is risen! He is risen indeed!

In His Praise April 14, 2019

Palm Sunday Victory

By Raymond Orner

They cut the branches from the trees

And strewed them in the way

Because they knew their Lord and King

Would come along the day.

They sung hosanna to the King

And praised his holy name-

Now even in this modern day,

We, too, should do the same.

The Christ who came that palm-strewn way

To enter in the gate

Will enter in your heart today,

So do not make him wait.

That palm-strewn path so long ago

Is still a victory sign

That Christ still comes along the way

Into your heart and mine.

In His Praise – April 7, 2019

The good news today is that as children of God, we are not alone. Not only do we always have the Lord Jesus in our hearts, we also have the Holy Spirit in our lives.

Rev. Nickles preached about this wonderful gift today. Here are some of the points he shared with us:

1)The Holy Spirit is a gift from God. (Luke 11:13, John 16:7)

2)The Holy Spirit is our helper. (Luke 24:49, John 14:16)

3)The Holy Spirit helps us preach, witness and do the things God calls us to do. (Acts 1:8, Romans 15:18-19)

4)The Holy Spirit helps us withstand the evil in this world. (Romans 15:13)

5)The Holy Spirit helps us accomplish the will of God. (John 16:8-11)

6)The Holy Spirit speaks God’s message to us as we study God’s word and pray. (John 14:26, 1 Corinthians 2:12-13)

7)The Holy Spirit brings light to our lives  and into this world. (John 15:26)

8)The Holy Spirit makes intercession for us. (Romans 8:26-27).

What a wonderful gift the Holy Spirit is and what a wonderful Savior to send Him to us! Praise be to God!