In His Praise — February 9, 2020

Feeling loved, wanted, appreciated and belonging are basic human needs that most everybody feels. Sadly there are those in the world that may never know the love of another person, the companionship of a true friend or the joy of being in a family. Some may feel unloved and may even have been shunned to the point that they feel unworthy of anyone’s affection.

This is simply not true! The  good news is that God created each of us in His own image (Genesis 1:27). We are special to Him and always will be. The truth is that God is “in love” with us and He desires that we be “in love” with Him.

Now this is not a romantic type of love, but something much deeper and stronger. When God created each of us in His image He placed potential in us. He saw someone created to bring Him glory and to live their life in accordance to His will. 

The world will look at us and see only our physical  appearance, but our Heavenly Father looks at us in love and sees so much more. He sees His precious child, He sees the plans that He has for us and He sees the blessings He has for our lives (Jeremiah 29:11).

Accept this love that God has for each of us and let it fill the emptiness. Choose to walk with Him and you will never be alone again. 

In His Praise — December 1, 2019

The month of December has begun and at our church, as well as many others, it is a season called Advent. Advent is the few weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas Day  when we remember and prepare our hearts for the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. 

It is a wonderful time of renewal and remembrance. We decorate, we light candles, we sing Christmas carols, we read the story of Jesus birth and remember His life. We prepare our hearts once again to worship and adore the Newborn King.

But, why did Jesus leave His perfect heavenly home and come to earth to live among humans in an imperfect world? Why did He give up all the riches of heaven to live a lowly life as a carpenter’s son and then as an itinerant preacher? Why did He suffer beatings and ridicule and then die on the cross for all mankind? The answer is simple,  Jesus came to find YOU! 

Luke 19:10 says, “For the Son of Man came to seek and to save what was lost.”  That’s us! Before Christ came, lived and died for us, we were lost with no hope. Jesus Christ gives us hope. He seeks to save you and me and everyone. He desires that we spend eternity with Him and has even prepared a place for us. It says so in John 14:2-3. 

So during this Advent season let the good news of Jesus’ birth give you new hope, let it give you new desires and a new life in Him. Let it remind you how much you are loved. 

The Son of God gave His life for you and He wants to be your Savior.

Jesus loves us that much!