In His Praise — August 6, 2023

“… And He will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of  Peace.”

Isaiah 9:6b

What  beautiful words are found in this familiar scripture!  We often hear it read around Christmas time as we approach the celebration of Jesus’ birth. The  prophet Isaiah was foretelling and describing the coming Messiah when he shared this message from God. These words gave God’s people hope that one was coming that would change their lives for the better.

Jesus has come now. He lived, died and rose again to give us salvation and these words are still  true for us today.

 When our souls are weary and troubled, when we need guidance Jesus is our “Wonderful Counselor” Through prayer He speaks to our hearts and minds to give guidance, direction and wisdom to make the right choices.

As Jesus and His Father are one, He is our  “Mighty God”. He is the one that can change anything, the one that protects and shields us. He is stronger than any disease, any conflict, any problem we may encounter, and He always is with us.

He is our “Everlasting Father”. He loves us with a kind, fatherly love that will last throughout this life and the next. 

He is the “Prince of Peace”. When problems surround us, when confusion seems to be everywhere, when there seems to be no peace, we have the One that is the “Prince of Peace” standing with us. He can calm our fears, clear our thoughts and bring harmony that we never thought possible.

How wonderful to have such a Savior! Thank you God for sending Jesus

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