In His Praise — April 2, 2023

“Let everything that has breath praise the Lord. Praise the Lord.” 

Psalm 150:6

Today we celebrate what we call Palm Sunday. It marks Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem. The beginning of Holy Week, when all the events that led up to His crucification began to unfold.

Typically we think of Palm Sunday as a joyous time. John 12:12-15 describes this scene with people shouting praises to Jesus. They honored Him by laying palm branches in His path. It must have been a joyous time, full of excitement and hope.

But, the joy and excitement did not last as the crowds quickly changed their minds and hearts against Jesus when they realized that He was not the military victor that they wanted. In  just a few short days, Jesus was betrayed, arrested, beaten, given a mock trial and then crucified. The joyous crowd had turned into an angry mob.

There is another scene involving palm branches described in the Bible. It is in Revelation 7:9. This scene does end in joy; and the worship of the Lord does last forever. Here we are told about a great multitude of people from every nation. They are dressed in white robes and are holding palm branches. They shout praises to God and to the Lamb and they lead the angels and others in worship — forever! 

How wonderful that everlasting time will be! Until then, the psalmist reminds us that as long as we have breath, we should be praising the Lord. As we enter this Holy Week and beyond, let us always worship and praise the Lamb that was slain for our sins.

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