In His Praise — January 8, 2023

“One thing I do know. I was blind but now I see.” 

John 9:25b

Jesus went about doing good — healing the sick, raising the dead, sharing His love with those that needed it most. You would think everyone would be rejoicing and praising Him! Yet they did not. 

Once when Jesus restored the sight of a blind man the Pharisees began to question His motives. Jesus had done this great act on the Sabbath and almost any kind of activity was strictly forbidden on the Sabbath. The group of religious leaders questioned the man and his parents extensively trying to find fault with Jesus. Who is this Jesus? How did He do this thing? And why? Instead of rejoicing with the man and worshipping the one that had performed such a mighty act, they chose to criticize, question and doubt the miracle.

Finally after much questioning the man simply replied, I don’t know exactly who Jesus is, but one thing I do know for sure — “I was blind and now I see”.

Hallelujah! What a testimony! Many times we too may not understand all we know about Jesus, but He is still kind and compassionate and He still blesses people in ways that are beyond our comprehension. 

What a wonderful witness it is to be able to simply trust and rest in the knowledge that our God is mighty. We need not understand how or why He loves us so, we just need to acknowledge that He does.  

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