In His Praise — December 18, 2022

“You will be with child and give birth to a son, and you are to give him the name Jesus.”

Luke 1:31

Have you ever had someone predict your future? There are people that claim to be able to tell what future events will be, but in reality no one, except God, knows what tomorrow will hold. In Luke we read the words spoken to Mary by the angel Gabriel. God had sent Gabriel to Mary with His message about her future. Mary probably did not fully grasp  all that was being said to her at the time, but she humbly accepted God’s will and praised Him for her part in it.

Mary could be joyful in receiving this message from God because she knew that God’s plans were good and right and that this was more than a prediction — it was a holy promise from God Almighty! 

Mary’s faith, trust and humble submission are good examples for us to follow. When we are called by God for some task that seems enormous and more than we can comprehend, we, like Mary, should just trust. His peace will cover us and then we too can praise the Lord for His goodness and might.

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