In His Praise — April 24, 2022

“But God will redeem my life from the grave; he will surely take me to himself.” 

Psalm 49:15

What a wonderful promise are these words from book of Psalms! The verses before and after verse 15 talk about how worthless it is to place trust in worldly treasures. We are reminded that all humans will face death sooner or later and nothing  that we have accumulated on this side of eternity will mean anything when this life ends. Wealth, status, popularity, or talent cannot get us to heaven or assure us eternity with God. 

Treasures here on earth may bring us happiness for a while, but they won’t last forever.

Only God can provide us eternal life and eternal happiness, peace and love. Only through the salvation given by Jesus’ death and resurrection can we know with assurance that we have a permanent home in heaven. 

We cannot trust the world to secure our future, but if we place our trust in God, we can know without a doubt that He will redeem us from the grave and take us to be with Him!

Thanks be to God!

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