In His Praise — August 9, 2020

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You probably remember  the story of David and Goliath, found in 1 Samuel 17. It tells of David, the young shepherd boy, that went up against Goliath, the giant, and won!

Here we see David, probably a teenager, with no experience as a soldier. He had no fighting equipment or armor. It appeared that all David carried with him was a sling shot and five stones. 

Goliath on the other hand, had all the fighting gear one could have and heavy body armor for protection. The Bible tells us that he stood over nine feet tall! He taunted the Israelites (God’s people) everyday. Goliath had probably been in many battles and killed many people.

This fight did not seem fair. But David had something more powerful than any of Goliath’s weapons or experience. David had faith in God! As David ran toward Goliath he spoke confidently that he was coming in the name of God Almighty. By doing this, he  rebuked any power that Goliath may have had over him. David fully trusted that God would protect him and give him victory over this evil, and God did! David slung one stone which hit Goliath in just the right spot on his forehead and the giant went down! 

We also face giants in life sometimes. Sickness, financial worries, family problems, difficult relationships are just some of things that may seem unsurmountable. But, the good news is that we, like David, can rely on the power of God.  His name holds power over this world. He is the Almighty God! He will speak peace to the restless, He will give strength to the weary and He will win battles that seemed impossible to face.

So go confidently in the name of the Lord and let Him give you the victory; and when He does, give Him the glory.

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