In His Praise — June 14, 2020

Welcome to “In His Praise”

How important is it to read and study the Bible? Among other things, the Bible is God’s ordained word, it gives guidance for daily life, it tells us what we need to do to have eternal life and it tells the story of Christ.

The Bible is full of promises from God to us. Isaiah 55:11 tells us that when God’s word is spoken it accomplishes things.  It is powerful, true and trustworthy. God’s word is one thing that will never change and can always be depended on. 

So, how important is it to read and study the Bible? It is very important! Reading God’s word will draw us closer to our Lord. It will strengthen us for our daily lives and cause us to grow in our faith.  God’s promises found throughout the Bible can give us hope, guidance, encouragement, and determination to go forward. As we grow more grounded in His word, our walk with Him will become closer. 

So take time everyday to read a portion from the Bible. Meditate on God’s words and pray for understanding. You will be blessed and, maybe even a little surprised, by how good it makes you feel.

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