In His Praise — March 15, 2020

Do you remember the story of how the Israelites crossed the Red Sea? You can read about it in Exodus 14. If you’re not familiar with this miracle, let me give you a paraphrased version. The Israelites, God’s people, were leaving behind 400 years of slavery in Eygpt. They were being lead by Moses to a new home that God had promised them. They had traveled a few days when back in Eygpt, Pharaoh decided he really didn’t want to release this large workforce from his land. So he called his vast army together and commanded them  to recapture these Israelites. As the Eygptian army approached, God’s people found themselves trapped between the oncoming army and the Red Sea. It appeared that they were doomed, the soldiers were well trained and well equipped to fight. The Israelites were not, plus they were traveling with families (women and children) and all their livestock. 

But Moses didn’t panic, he prayed to God and God intervened in a powerful and mighty way. God instructed Moses to lift his staff up and spread his hands over the sea. When he did, God parted the waters of the Red Sea!! Not only did God make a path through the water, He made it possible for the people cross on dry ground! (Exodus 14:16, 21) Every man, woman , child and animal made it across to safety!

Pharaoh army, on the other hand, was not so blessed. They tried to follow the Israelites across the same path, but as soon as all of God’s people were safe on the other side, God instructed Moses to lift his staff and hands again and in another miraculous action, God caused the water to sweep down upon them and all the army was drowned. 

What’s the point of repeating this story? Well, we are living in times that are often scary and uncertain. We may feel at times that we are defeated and there is no help for us to survive, that there is no way to safety. But the good news is that just as God was with the Israelites, He is still with us today. He is still a mighty God of miracles. He still intervenes in our lives to help us, protect us and fight battles for us. 

When life strikes a blow against you, don’t give up. Do as Moses did, talk to God. When times are uncertain, the news seems all bad, and there seems to be no hope for this world, trust that God is still in control. God will never desert us and He is bigger than any battle that we may face. 

The Bible tells us in Exodus 15 that after the Israelites were safe, that they sang praises to the Lord to thank Him. We too should praise the Lord and thank Him everyday for His blessings upon each of us. He is a great, good God and we can trust His power and might.

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