In His Praise — May 26, 2024

“Greater love has no one than this, he lay down his life for his friends.” 

John 15:13

Memorial Day – the unofficial start of summer. We look forward to time off work, relaxing by the pool, taking trips, or maybe cooking out. We hope the weather is good and nothing disturbs our “me”time.

Although we all need time to rest and recuperate, we also  know that Memorial Day is much more than just a few days off work. What we call Memorial Day was at first called Remembrance Day or Decoration Day. It was a time to remember and/or place flowers on the graves of those that had died in wars. On May 30, 1868 the first national Memorial Day was observed and a proclamation  was given that called  on Americans “to observe Memorial Day by praying according to their individual religious faith, for permanent peace.” It was and is a day when we take time to remember those fallen soldiers down through the years, that gave their lives in service to our country . 

Even though we may not know anyone personally that gave their life in service to this country, we can agree that every woman or man that did so has impacted our lives. They were willing   to enter into dangerous situations and risk death because of their love for country and for their fellowman.

Because of their courage and sacrifice we can live in a democracy, not a dictatorship. We can choose to live, work and worship where ever and however we want. We can marry whomever we want and choose  whatever career suit us. We can peacefully voice our opinions and vote our convictions without fear of arrest or punishment. We can travel this great country freely and always be called Americans!

When Jesus spoke these words from John 15:13, He was referring to Himself and the sacrifice He would make on the cross. In so doing He gave us the greatest freedom of all and that is freedom from sin, death and the grave.  Jesus called us His friends and showed His love by laying down His life in our place!

As we enjoy this Memorial Day, let us never forget those that gave their lives in dedication to our country, striving to preserve the freedoms with which we are all blessed.

Most importantly, let us always remember the sacrifice that our Lord and Savior made that we may  have salvation and life eternal with Him. 

Thank you Jesus for laying down your life for each of us!

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