In His Praise — July 22, 2018

Jesus, your name is power;

Jesus, your name is might.

Jesus, your name will break every stronghold;

Jesus, your name is life.”

These powerful words are from a song written by Claire Cloninger and Morris Chapman.  When Satan tries to defeat us we can claim victory in the name of Jesus and overcome that stronghold, when we feel weak, He can give us power, and when we are dead in our sins He will give us life and restore us. 

What a wonderful Savior! What great news!

Let’s share it with others.

In His Praise — April 22, 2018

Our pastor here a East Point, Rev. Phil Nickles, participates in a prison ministry. The group he works with spends a weekend from time to time inside a prison witnessing and sharing the word and love of God with the inmates. This program has been very successful in helping many lost souls find Jesus.

But as Bro. Phil pointed out, many people today are in other kinds of prison. Satan can twist the circumstances of a situation around and make it appear that there is no hope. His desire is to keep people bound in sin, lost and helpless.

But God has a different plan!

The good news is that Jesus’ love can set people free and break the bondage of sin. His love can bring forgiveness, peace and joy.  Luke 19:10 reminds us that Jesus came to “seek and to save what was lost.” Our Lord and Savior stands ready to change your heart and  restore your life. The best part is that it is free to all that will accept it.