In His Praise — February 18, 2018

2.Survey of needs
3.Have a vision
4.Go to work

These are the 4 steps we can learn from the story of Nehemiah as he lead the people in rebuilding the wall of Jerusalem. This was a daunting task but Nehemiah was faithful to God and determined to see this wall rebuilt. You can read Nehemiah’s story in the book named for him in the Old Testament.

It sounds simple, but with this guideline Nehemiah and his workers accomplished rebuilding the wall around the city of Jerusalem. It was hard work, there were few workers, and there was opposition; but they didn’t give up. Staying faithful and focused they got the job done.

We as modern-day Christians have work to accomplish too. We, like Nehemiah, should always pray first for God’s guidance and help and be faithful to the task that He has given us. We should consider all the needs that should be met. This will give us a vision for the work to be done. Then we should get to work doing what God has lead us to do. With faith and determination we too can accomplish great tasks for God.

In His Praise – October 30, 2016

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Are you struggling with some problem in your life? We all struggle from time to time. Do you ever feel hopeless or helpless? We all do occasionally. But the good news today is that we do not have to continue in these predicaments. Believe that God is real and let the Holy Spirit move in your life to bring about change. The Holy Spirit can open eyes and hearts, and tear down walls that seem impossible to us. The Holy Spirit can break the bondage of sin and give you a new life. God loves you and wants to help you; all you have to do is trust Him.

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Praise be to His glorious name forever. Psalm 72:19