In His Praise – March 31, 2019


Matthew 6:9-12 is a familiar scripture to most Christians. We refer to it as the Lord’s Prayer. Jesus shared this simple, short prayer with His disciples, and with us, in order to teach us how to pray.

Prayer in essence is talking and listening to God. In the verses just before the Lord’s Prayer begins, Jesus’s instructions are simply this: go to a quiet, private place, and

don’t try to impress anyone with all the words you use. Communication with God is not meant to be complicated or laborious. Prayer should be a time that rejuvenates us, gives us direction and fills us with joy and peace.

In the Lord’s Prayer we are instructed to first worship (hallow) the Lord and ask that His will is done above all else. We can ask for our needs to be met, but Jesus reminds us in verse 8 that God already knows our needs. We are to ask for forgiveness of our sins, but just as importantly we are forgive others that have wronged us. Lastly, Jesus instructs us to ask for direction so that we will not be lead into wrong, and that we will be delivered from the evil one.

So if you ever have think you have trouble praying, remember the Lord’s Prayer. God doesn’t expect perfection in our speech or the use of complicated words. He just wants our heartfelt love and devotion and a willingness to let Him lead us. 

In His praise – March 24, 2019

Leviticus 17:11 talks about the blood of sacrificed animals being used for atonement for sins. In Old Testament times people were instructed to do this in order to be pardoned from wrong doing. Paraphrasing this verse it says that life is in the blood and sacrificing this blood gives life.

Today we no longer sacrifice animals in order to  be forgiven of our wrongs. But blood has been shed for us, that is the blood of Jesus Christ. Jesus died on the cross for each of us! It is almost too much to imagine, but Jesus, in His great love for humankind, gave His sinless, perfect life so that we (who are full of sin) would have a pathway to the Father. Jesus’s blood was shed for you and me! 

This salvation that Jesus gives is for everybody that will accept it. No sin is too bad, too deep, or too dark, Jesus’s blood covers everything.  Unlike the people of old, we no longer have to repeat over and over our sacrificial routines either. Hebrews 10:10 tells us that Jesus’s sacrifice was made one time and it was and is for all people. 

His blood covers all our sins, saves us, and gives us new life! 

If you are already a child of God you have a great message to share with others. If you do not know Jesus as your Savior, accept His salvation today. Ask Him to forgive you of your sins, ask Him into your heart and let His soul-cleansing blood wash over you and bring you new life and new joy.

To talk to someone about accepting Jesus’s salvation you may contact the church @ 256-734-0900 or Rev. Phil Nickles @ 256-347-1199. Our church services are as follows:

Sunday School/Bible Study – each Sunday from 9:45 – 10:45 a.m.

Worship Service each Sunday @ 11:00 a.m.

In His Praise — March 17, 2019

This world seems to be full of deceit. We hear and, sometimes witness, lies being spoken and untruths being spread. There is mistrust almost everywhere we go. Gossip and rumors turn into full-blown lies, half truths are told to sway opinions and at times the truth is so twisted and distorted  that we can no longer recognize it. Yes, this world is a mess! 

As Christians this should not surprise us though. The Bible teaches us that the prince of this world, Satan, is a liar. In fact, in John 8:44 Jesus calls Satan the father of lies. Nothing that Satan does is good. He is deceitful and selfish. He subtly tries to steal our joy and confidence by whispering that we’re not good enough or we will never be successful. He will even try to make us doubt our salvation. Satan’s chief aim is to snatch us away from Jesus, the one that truly loves us.

But there is good news in knowing that Jesus’ death on the cross and resurrection to life gave the world a path to salvation and when we accept this salvation it can never be stolen from us (John 6:39). Jesus own blood secures our future by forgiving us of our sins and and giving us eternal life with Him.  With Jesus as our guide we can discern right from wrong, we can deny the lies of Satan and we can stand strong as a witness for our Lord knowing that we have been made righteous (right-standing) before Him.

And that is the truth!

In His Praise – March 10, 2019

The choir sang a lovely old song today entitled “The Way That He Loves”. The words of the song describe the love of God in poetic terms such as soft as a breeze, gentle, tender and as deep as the sea. One verse says God’s love is thrilling because “his love reaches even me”. 

It truly is thrilling to know that our great God has so much compassion for His creations that He loves each one individually. He knows our names, our personalities, our strengths and our weaknesses, yet He loves us. 

What a wonderful Father! 

What a wonderful message to share with others!

In His Praise — March 3, 2019

It is natural for human beings to desire to feel loved and wanted by others. We seek companionship among our peers and strive to be accepted by those around us. We want to feel needed, wanted, loved and special to others. There is nothing wrong with these feelings as long as there is mutual respect and care among our associates. 

Sadly, many times, in this fallen world, this is not true though. Children feel unwanted or unloved by a parent, aging parents are abandoned by their children, or unkind words are spoken by those thought to be friends. Hurtful deeds and actions leave scars that seemly won’t heal. Incidents like these are everyday occurrences. The results are broken hearted people, people that feel unworthy, unloved and empty. People that have no love to share with others because no love has been shown to them.

But there is good news! In the book of Psalms, chapter 139:13-14, we are told that God knew us before we were ever born and that we are “fearfully and wonderfully made”. God did make each of us special!

 Again in Ephesians 2:10 we are reminded that “we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ to do good work…”. We are worthy of good and have much to accomplish. 

Most importantly, Luke 12:6-7 assures us that we are never forgotten by God. He even knows how many hairs are on our head. His creation (you and me) are very important to Him and He will always love us, never leave us or forget us.

Let’s show others how important they are by sharing God’s love daily. You never know whose life might be changed by your act of kindness and demonstration of God’s love.

In His Praise — February 24, 2019

In His Praise!

Good News from East Point C.P. Church

February 24 2019


Welcome to “In His Praise”

“Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor have entered into the heart of man the things which God has prepared for those that love Him,” 1 Corinthians 2:9. These words were brought to mind today as Rev. Phil Nickles talked about the future for Christians. 

Death is not a subject that most people like to talk about. But we know that eventually every person will leave this earth. It may be through a physical death or it may be through the rapture when Jesus comes back to call His church home. Either way, Christians have much to look forward to. 

God has prepared a place for us to dwell for eternity (John 14:1-4). In this place there will be no sickness, no pain, no sadness, no disappointments. All of our earthly problems will be gone. It is a place of joy and peace to be shared with our loved ones, our brothers and sisters in Christ and most importantly Jesus Christ himself. 

Isn’t it wonderful that God loves us so much that He has thought of everything, even  a future with Him  after this life! As God’s word says we can not imagine what heaven will be like, but we are assured that it will be better than anything we have ever thought of. 

If you are a child of God, rejoice in this blessed assurance and share this good news with someone else that they too might have an everlasting home in heaven.


If we can be of service to you, contact us at or call the church @256-734-0900 or Rev. Phil Nickles @ 256-347-1199.

You are loved and are important to the East Point C.P.  Church family.

Praise be to His glorious name forever. Psalm 72:19

In His Praise — February 17, 2019

Trust is valuable in our society, but, sadly it is not all that common. We want to trust others and we want to be trusted, but experience has taught us to question motives, to keep up our guard. We review and research companies before we invest time and money in them. We check out schools before we enroll our children in them. We do background checks on businesses and people before entering into agreements with them. Yes, trust is important to us, but it is not always found. Many times our expectations are not meet, the wonder product turns out to be not so wonderful or our investments shrink instead of grow. People disappoint us, manipulate us and even abuse us. We can become bitter and disillusioned; and our faith in our fellowman disappears.

But, there is good news! There is one in which we can always depend. One that will never disappoint, never misrepresent or lie, never manipulate or never leave us. That one is God! We can place all of our trust in Him and know that He is always with us and will always loves us. 

Jeremiah 17:7 says, “blessed is the man that trusts in the Lord, whose confidence is in him.” What a promise this is and what joy this verse and those that follow give us. Thank you, God that we can trust you with our whole heart!

In His Praise – February 10. 2019

If you are a child of God you know what a blessing salvation is. To know the love of Jesus brings peace to our lives and assurance for our future. But it doesn’t mean that every day is perfect and it doesn’t mean that we will never sin. 

There will always be troubles in this life. The devil will always try to tempt us and try to make us stumble. But the good news is that we can ask forgiveness for the times we fail and Jesus will forgive and continue to love us. We can ask for help in times of temptation or weakness and Jesus will help us. We can ask for protection in times of trouble and Jesus will sustain us. As members of God family we are loved, blessed and highly favored!

So, how do we receive this good life you might ask? It’s simple. Romans 10:9 tells us: That if you confess with your mouth , “Jesus is Lord” and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved. 

So don’t wait another minute. Don’t let Satan rob you of any more joy. Accept God’s salvation today and begin to really live!

In His Praise — February 3, 2019

Today was Denomination Day in the Cumberland Presbyterian Church. We celebrated the 209th birthday of our denomination and we remembered our founding fathers and the reasons why the Cumberland Presbyterian Denomination came into being. 

The Cumberland Presbyterian Church has a rich history. This denomination came out of the Great Revival of the 1800’s and was named for the Cumberland Mountains in Tennessee where it began. The CP church was born out of a desire to better serve the Lord, one way was by equipping those called into the ministry to begin serving sooner. Another was a strong belief in a “whosoever will doctrine”, which simply means that no one is excluded from God’s salvation if they confess their sins and accept Jesus Christ as their Savior.

Some things have changed over the years, but the strong foundation of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church has not wavered. We are still reaching out in Jesus name to save the lost. We are still loving others and spreading the gospel wherever we can. There are CP missionaries all over the world and CP churches all over the United States as well as in many foreign  countries.

The Cumberland Presbyterian Church has always been a Bible believing, outreaching, gospel preaching, people loving denomination.  East Point CP Church feels very blessed to share in this rich heritage and the mission to share God’s word with others. 

It is good to know who we are in this world, but more importantly we need to know  to know whose we are. Have you accepted Jesus’ salvation and are you a part of God’s family? Whether the answer is yes or no, God’s children at East Point Cumberland Presbyterian Church invite you to join us in worship and hear the good news of our Lord on Sunday mornings at 11:00. You will be welcomed and you will be blessed.

In His Praise – January 27, 2019

The good news today is found in Psalm 118:24, “This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.”

Repeating and remembering these words at the beginning of each day helps us praise our Creator and appreciate the blessing of a new day. These words can also be an encouragement to us when our days become troublesome or hard to bear. Giving the day  and the burden to God can lift our spirits and help us to truly be joyful. 

Thanks be to God for these familiar words that encourage us to remember that all is well with God is charge of our day.