In His Praise — December 13, 2020

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We are in the midst of  a joyous season called Advent. Advent is the the four Sundays prior to Christmas — the day we celebrate Jesus’ birth. Advent is a special time  as we remember anew the announcement to Mary, the young virgin, that she would bear God’s own Son. We read again about Joseph, Mary’s fiancee’, and marvel at his faith as he took Mary to be his wife. We hear about angels and shepherds and our hearts are set aglow once again with the wonderful news that the Savior for the world has come!

Although they probably did not fully understand at the time, Mary, Joseph and the shepherds must have felt an excitement  and hope in hearing that the Savior of the entire world was about to be born. How humble they must have felt to be a part of God’s plan for all mankind.

 Yes, Jesus Christ left heaven and came into this world to save humans such as you and me! What a wonder He is, and how deep is the Father’s love for us, His creations! (John 3:16, John 6:39-40) What a wonderful time of the year! 

But the joy and hope do not stop on Christmas Day. Today we can also look forward to a coming of Jesus. Not as a little baby, not to suffer and die for our sins again, but as one that is coming to carry His children home with Him forever. The second coming of Jesus is spoken about often in the Bible. (1 Thessalonians 4:16-17, Hebrew 9:28, Matthew 24:44, Titus 2:13,  John 14:1-3) It gives hope and reassurance to Christians today. 

As we enjoy this Advent season and remember the first coming of Jesus, let us also remember to look forward to the second Advent when Christ will return to earth. May we always be ready and willing to share the good news of His salvation with others, and may we be filled with joy and excitement that we too can be part of God’s plan.

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