In His Praise – February 16, 2020

We make choices everyday. They can be simple and insignificant like what to wear.  Or  they can be more important and life changing such as whom to marry. Big or small, whatever the decision, we should always trust God for direction.

In Deuteronomy 30, God used Moses to deliver a message to His people about making choices. In verses 15 – 20 we read that the Israelites were instructed to make a choice. They could choose life and prosperity or death and destruction. Sounds like a no-brainer, right? But the Israelites, just like us, sometimes made the wrong choice and did not follow God. It is easy to stray from the right path. The world offers many temptations that seem harmless at the time. But to ignore God can only lead to destruction.  God wants us to cling to Him, but Satan tries desperately to tear us away from our loving Father. We  too must choose whom we will serve.

When we choose God’s way He promises life, prosperity and blessings. We can trust God to keep His promises. He will never fail us and that is good news!

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