In His Praise — February 2, 2020

On February 4, 1810, three minsters meet together and prayed through the night for divine guidance. They were considering reorganizing the Cumberland Presbytery which had been dissolved.

As these men prayed for guidance in a desire to do the will of God, they were lead eventually to create a new denomination, which would be called Cumberland Presbyterian.

You might be asking “what is the good news in that information for us today?” Well there is plenty.  As these men gathered in Jesus’ name, He was with them, just as He has also promised us in Matthew 18:20. When we go to Jesus in pray, He listens to us and makes intercession for us to the Father. Through the guidance of the Holy Spirit we are directed, helped and strengthened to do His will. 

It is great news to know that as children of God we have such an advocate! One that loves us, wants the best for us and provides our every need. Just as God heard the prayers of these three devout men, He also hears our prayers and is ready to give us guidance to do the work He has for us too.

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