In His Praise — November 3, 2019

Did you know that God is interested in you? Yes, you, and me! God desires to listen to us, commune with us and walk with us through each step of our day. We don’t have to worry about having the right words to say. God just wants to hear our praises, our requests, and our confessions. He wants to listen to our inmost thoughts and fears. God listens not just to our words, but to our hearts also and he knows exactly what we need. 

 God wants us to listen to Him too. When we sit quietly and meditate on His word, think about His might and about His great love for us we will begin to feel God move in our lives. We will begin to see our prayers being answered and His will for our lives will become clearer.

Isn’t it wonderful to know the we serve such a God? He is loving, caring, and merciful to His children. 

Thank you, Father! 

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