In His Praise — September 22, 2019

What defines a person? Is it their occupation, their status in life, their looks, their speech, or their reputation? All these things can influence the way the world views a person. It may also influence the way we view ourselves. Many times we and the world look only at the outside of a person — the things we can physically see and hear. Sadly, too many times, we make a judgement about someone which is totally wrong.

God, on the other hand, looks on the inside. He sees the heart. He know the most private thoughts, feelings and intentions. What others may think of as lost and useless, God sees as a “work in progress.” 

God never gives up on us or stops loving us. He continues to mold and make us into what He wants us to be. We will never reach perfection in this life, but we can begin to be defined by the love of God. Then we will be seen differently by others and ourselves.

Now that is good news!

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