In His Praise — September 8, 2019

I have never made any pottery, nor have I ever watched first-hand as someone  else created something  from clay. I have seen the results of someones meticulous work and skillful hands in such things as vases, bowls and other vessels. Many are beautiful works of art and are treasured.

Today, Rev. Nickles used scripture from Jeremiah 18:1-11 to explain how God can mold us into beautiful vessels for Him. When we give our lives to Jesus and accept His salvation for our sins, we become a new creation. God then begins to mold us into what He wants us to be. Our outward appearance may not change, but inside our attitudes, desires, thoughts and actions are changing. When we let Him, we become “clay” in God’s loving hands.

What a wonderful, secure and peaceful place to be — in the hands of Almighty God. He loves us with an everlasting and strong love that will never change or fade. He provides us with whatever is needed in our lives and He guides us to do His will. 

Thank you Heavenly Father!!

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