In His Praise — August 18, 2019

We live in a disposable world. Conveniences that we use daily such as paper plates, napkins or plastic forks are common and we rarely think much about discarding them.

But what other things in our society have become disposable?  Insincere hearts, selfish motives and callousness can cause relationships to be carelessly used and then discarded; leaving hurt and emptiness. The scars of mistrust, frustration and low self-esteem loom over people’s lives keeping them from becoming all they can be.

But there is good news! God can encircle us with His love; a love that is strong, powerful and never ending. God’s circle of love can never be broken and He will never take it back. We may fail and slip away from God, but He will never leave us. God  is always waiting with loving, open arms to forgive us and to restore us.

Let’s encourage each other by sharing this good news with those that are hurt and lost.

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