In His Praise – March 31, 2019


Matthew 6:9-12 is a familiar scripture to most Christians. We refer to it as the Lord’s Prayer. Jesus shared this simple, short prayer with His disciples, and with us, in order to teach us how to pray.

Prayer in essence is talking and listening to God. In the verses just before the Lord’s Prayer begins, Jesus’s instructions are simply this: go to a quiet, private place, and

don’t try to impress anyone with all the words you use. Communication with God is not meant to be complicated or laborious. Prayer should be a time that rejuvenates us, gives us direction and fills us with joy and peace.

In the Lord’s Prayer we are instructed to first worship (hallow) the Lord and ask that His will is done above all else. We can ask for our needs to be met, but Jesus reminds us in verse 8 that God already knows our needs. We are to ask for forgiveness of our sins, but just as importantly we are forgive others that have wronged us. Lastly, Jesus instructs us to ask for direction so that we will not be lead into wrong, and that we will be delivered from the evil one.

So if you ever have think you have trouble praying, remember the Lord’s Prayer. God doesn’t expect perfection in our speech or the use of complicated words. He just wants our heartfelt love and devotion and a willingness to let Him lead us. 

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