In His Praise – January 13, 2019

Rev. Phil Nickles used scripture today  from the first chapter of Ephesians. Here we find a letter written by Paul to the people of Ephesus. Although Paul was imprisoned at the time, and probably could have found a lot to complain about, he begins his writing by praising God. Paul didn’t burden his fellow Christians with his day to day problems or with complaints about being ill-treated or longing to be free. No, he praised the Lord God and wished the Ephesians peace and grace in the Lord’s name. (vss. 1- 3)

So what good news can we glean from this scripture? Paul was confident that he was a member of God’s family.  He knew that God had adopted him and that whatever happened to him on earth was nothing to compare with his eternal home. Paul was able to see beyond his immediate circumstances to an eternal life. 

We too can have this confidence. If we have been saved, we are children of the Heavenly Father, marked as His own. We are overshadowed with His love and protection and whatever this world throws at us, we can live triumphantly knowing that an eternity of joy and happiness await us.

So let’s praise God in the good times and in the bad and thank Him for His blessings, protection, and help every moment of our lives.

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