In His Praise — August 5, 2018

God is love and we are to let His love flow through us to everyone. Think about that statement for a minute. It is not always easy to truly love everybody. There are people that are just annoying to be around, there are those that are simply unlikeable, there are those that are filled with hate and do unkind things to us. We would call them our enemies.

But God’s word says to love our enemies, and pray for those that persecute you (Matt.5:44). This can be a difficult command to follow. How can we love someone that really cares nothing for us or that wishes only bad for us?

It is possible only by the grace of God. With God’s help and His love in our hearts we can love those unlovable people in our lives. We can show them kindness and compassion. After all isn’t that what Jesus did for us. When we were lost in our sins and separated from the love of God we were in essence enemies of God (Romans 5:10). But Jesus death on the cross and resurrection changed all that. Because of God’s love for us (His enemies) we can be saved and become His friend and part of His family. 

With God’s help we can show love and compassion to our enemies and perhaps they too will come to know Jesus.

Now that is good news!

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