In His Praise — June 24, 2018

We hear a lot about being and staying connected in today’s world. From the internet to our personal lives there is always something for which we need to connect. We want a clear connection on our phones and other devices, we want to be able to connect with  friends, family and colleagues whenever we desire. 

 Sometimes these connections are clear and strong and sometimes they are not, sometimes we lose a signal and our call is dropped. Many are good, helpful and worthwhile relationships (connection) and some are not, like when we receive an unwanted telemarketer call. 

But there is one connection that everybody needs and should strive to have in their life and that is a connection with our Heavenly Father. When we are saved from our sins and begin a relationship with Jesus Christ our connection to God is established. The good news about this connection is that it will never end. This connection will never lose a signal or power and God will never change His mind about it.  God not only know us, He is with us everyday, all the time!  And that’s the best news of all!


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