In His Praise — April 29, 2018

“All you need is love” or so the song goes. Love is a word, and an emotion, that is tossed around a lot in today’s society. There are many different kinds of love too — there is romantic love and love for family and friends. Sometimes we say we love our job or a particular activity or a work of art or food and on and on it goes. The word love can have  a myriad of meanings and rarely is it all we need.

It is difficult sometimes to determine if the “loves’ in our lives are real and lasting. Sometimes we end up disappointed and hurt. But there is one love that we can always count on and that is the love of God. God’s love is genuine, it will never end. God’s love is trustworthy, He will never forsake you and God’s love is complete, it can fill every void in your life. It really is all you need.

God is love and He loves you! Read 1John 4:7-21 to hear more good news about the love God has to offer. 

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